Funny sounding?  All dressed up, and nowhere to go.  Sucks, right?  Well sometimes it's a good thing?

It conjures up strange images of taking the time to get ready to head out with some

Leaving you home alone, all dressed up, and nowhere to go.  Leaving you to watch Netflix and chill by yourself...  Ok, now that could be fun if you were watching Walking Dead or Stargate or something... Wait, are either of those on Netflix?  

What if I posed it in a different way, with a different point of view?
Sometimes as Real Estate Agents, we get all dressed up and have nowhere to go.  I mean, we wear our suits, we wear our ties, and shine our shoes.  We get our outfit dry-cleaned, and our shirts laundered with light starch. Ok, some of you use heavy starch, but that makes my neck burn, lol...  We wear french cuff shirts, we brush our hair and our teeth...  (hahah!)
We may not be meeting a client today. Or perhaps that listing appointment with that new seller is tomorrow.  Or better yet, property broker tour is not for a few days.  But we still get dressed up.  We still take that time, even if we don't have any appointments that day.
We take that time, so we feel confident.  We take that time so we can be ready for that new buyer or seller that needs to meet ASAP.  Or if someone from our sphere of influence runs into us at the coffee shop. Or maybe being dressed up makes us work harder while we are in the office.  Or perhaps we take the time because it helps us to be ready for when opportunity knocks. 
So to an Real Estate Agent, being dressed up with no where to go is a good thing.  Because if opportunity knocks, only the ready, willing and able can take advantage of it.