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Overcoming Cold Feet 👣

Chris Alston

Chris has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years.

Chris has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years.

Aug 29 3 minutes read

So you won!  

We got you in contract to purchase your dream home….  It took weeks or perhaps maybe months, but we did it! There was competition, multiple offers, we stretched ourselves, and finally secured that home of your dreams!  Maybe even agreed to a contract with no contingencies.

But… You now have apprehension or strong doubt that is trying to prevent you from taking the planned course of action that we just secured.  This loss or lack of courage is common when people buy homes.   This fear or lack of confidence can be described as “Cold Feet” or "Buyers Remorse".

Since over the counter medications will not cure you of this condition, I thought I would list a few simple things you can do today to help keep focused on your goal and stay the course!

#1  Visualize the present: Stop and take a moment to actually see yourself in the home you are about to buy. Picture yourself doing laundry, washing dishes, reading a book, or parking your car.  Go to the market, walk your dog to the park…  Close your eyes and imagine…  Sometimes seeing yourself in your new home can really make a difference.

#2 Visualize the Future: Don't just think about the here and how, think about the future.  Future schools, the way the garden will look, that lemon tree you are going to plant, the addition you are planning, the extra room for the kids or even downsizing..

#3 Write yourself a letter:  In this letter, list the 5 things that you love about the house, BEFORE you get into contract or as soon as you do.  Give us a copy of this letter so we can help remind you as to what brought you to making the offer on the house to begin with.  This can be powerful, as we, as agents, can help you stay focused.

#4 This sale becomes the new comp: In an appreciating market, the last sold home becomes the comparable that is used to price the upcoming listings…  So if you decide to pass on this one, the next home you want to buy will be the same size, but more expensive.  If you are on a budget, then you may be pricing yourself out of the market by backing out.

#5 Overcome fear of price: If you pay 5-10% more for the house today, but get the home of your dreams…  Will you really care about what you paid to get it, in 15 or 20 years?   Probably not…

Sometimes taking a step back and analyzing your thoughts can help you see that many objections are rooted in fear… And sometimes fear is due to the unknown.  So take the time to talk to us about these fears, so we can help you overcome these barriers and move forward in your life!

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